Artisanal Agency places advertising on the tech podcast network. Put your company in front of a tech-savvy, high-income audience. Audience Stats

50M Podcast Downloads a Year
57% Ages 25 to 45
75% College graduate or advanced degree
57% Earn over $100,000 annually
62% Involved in the company’s decision-making process
70% Job function is related to tech

Podcast ads

Hear sample ad reads and see a full list of podcasts

Two ad reads per show episode (except for short-format shows)

  • :15-20 billboard at the top of the show 

  • 1:00-2:00 min host-read ad midroll 

Other Ways To Connect with Our Audience

  • Website banner ads on and 

  • Amazon Flash Briefing - 30K impressions per week

  • In Studio Breaking News - averages 25K per episode, 12 episodes scheduled for 2020

  • Event Panel (in the San Francisco Bay Area)  

  • Event Panel (outside San Francisco Bay Area, inside U.S.)

  • Newsletter- Weekly Inside TWiT newsletter sponsorships available (link to newsletter sample)

Studio Naming Rights- The available package includes:

Dynamically Inserted 7-8 second billboard at the top of all published shows (50 million downloads a year)

Logo signage at the Eastside recording studio, studio door, and Technical Director's desk

A yearly Event Panel

Branding in the weekly TWiT Newsletter (+12k subscribers) Advertising Terms

Advertising minimum is $25,000 per broadcast quarter.

Cancellation Policy - all quarterly orders are noncancellable. On annual orders, the first quarter is noncancellable but advertiser may request to cancel episode(s) and or banner(s) listed in this broadcast order 90 days prior to the scheduled run date or 45 days before the next broadcast quarter.

Category Exclusivity Policy - is only extended to the show episode that the ad appears on and for the category that the advertiser is in. To obtain network exclusivity for the duration of your campaign you must buy multiple shows. We do not offer host exclusivity at all.

Ad Format - each show episode has two ad positions. First is the host-read billboard (typically 10-15 seconds) and second is a host-read interstitial ad (typically 1-2 minutes). The only exception is for our shows ATG and HOT - host-read billboard will be 7 seconds and interstitial ad will be 30 seconds. If the lead host is unavailable then a co-host or in-house host will perform the ad read.

Right of First Refusal - when Network Broker asks Advertiser's Broker/Advertiser if they plan to renew then Advertiser’s Broker/Advertiser has 5 business days to respond or category can be filled elsewhere.

Tracking Policy - we do not allow tracking pixels of any kind on our sponsor page or website but UTM tags are ok.

Copy/talking points ("Copy") can be changed weekly. New Copy must be sent to Network Broker two weeks prior to ad start date. Updated/changed Copy must be sent to Network Broker one week prior to ad date. Graphics for billboard and lower third can be changed monthly.

Network Broker has the right to review and approve all advertising messaging/copy to ensure there are no conflicts with existing advertisers. Any discounts offered to the Network audience cannot be changed unless an expiration date is provided with the offer, or Network Broker receives a 14-day advance written notice.

Downloads and impressions are provided to Advertiser's Broker/Advertiser approximately 30 days after the broadcast calendar month ends and will be updated each month thereafter until impressions are fully delivered. Downloads include IAB compliant video/audio downloads plus we add in Google Play Music and YouTube numbers because they are tracked separately. If a make-good is needed then it will be issued by Network Broker as soon as the Advertiser's Broker/Advertiser approves it. Network reserves the right to remove ads from its content after impressions are fully delivered to Advertiser's Broker/Advertiser.


Courtesy commercials, inclusion on the sponsor page, newsletter sponsorship, over-delivery of baked-in ads.