About Us: 

I launched Artisanal Agency because I love our technology network TWiT.tv, and I wanted to establish an advertising sales company to complement it. Artisanal Agency's focus is on super-serving the TWiT.tv audience by partnering with high-integrity advertisers that offer services and products that will directly benefit them. Artisanal Agency, LLC is founded and wholly-owned by Lisa Laporte.


- Lisa Laporte

Artisanal Agency’s Team:


Lisa Laporte, Chief Executive Officer


Leo Laporte, Chief Creative Officer


Debi Delchini, Continuity Manager


Hassey Gascar, Creative Coordinator

Andrew 2.jpg

Andrew Stess, Sales and Business Development


Our Culture and Mission:

Our mission is to help high-integrity podcast networks succeed in keeping their content free and accessible through ad sponsorship. Our focus is on super-serving our audiences by connecting incredible networks with reputable advertisers, whose integrity matches theirs.

Since inception, we have operated on a team-based sales model fully committed to our mission. Our highly-driven team works with passion and desire to succeed together. Working at Artisanal Agency is not a job: it’s a career that embraces a lifestyle of partnering with amazing people, setting realistic expectations, and meeting our goals.

We aim to be the best in this business by developing win-win strategies for networks and advertisers.

Artisanal Agency, LLC is founded and wholly-owned by Lisa Laporte.