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TWiT.tv Fact:

TWiT.tv has a handful of long-term advertisers who have been on their network since inception.  Based on TWiT.tv’s 2016 survey, over 75% of their audience has made a purchase based on an advertisement they heard on TWiT.tv.

We are a full-service podcast advertising agency. 

Our team works closely with advertisers and podcast networks to build the most successful campaigns possible. We partner with direct clients, brokers, agencies, and other creative companies to super-serve our networks.

Our advertisers undergo a rigorous vetting process to ensure that we are only working with high-integrity companies who offer superior products and services to our technologically advanced audiences. We carefully match advertisers to our shows and require network and host approval before signing an advertiser.

Personalization is key to our ad effectiveness, as highly engaged audiences want to hear directly from the people they trust. We work closely with our networks to create messaging that will resonate with listeners when read by our tech-savvy hosts.


Our Advertisers

More than 10 Brokers/Agencies and 25 Direct Advertisers Work with Artisanal Agency


We want to be the best podcast advertising agency; not necessarily the biggest, as our focus is on quality, effectiveness, and establishing long-term partnerships.