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TWiT.tv Fact:

TWiT.tv has a handful of long-term advertisers who have been on the network since inception. Based on TWiT.tv’s 2018 audience survey, over 80% of its audience has made a purchase based on an advertisement they heard on TWiT.tv.

We are a full-service podcast advertising agency. 

We partner with direct clients, brokers, agencies, and other creative companies to bring our networks the most reputable, innovative advertisers. Our advertisers undergo a rigorous vetting process to ensure that we are only working with high-integrity companies.

We are hands-on with advertisers and networks to ensure campaigns run seamlessly, from onboarding hosts and writing ad copy to creating graphics and closely monitoring ad reads.
When delivering an ad, our hosts speak directly to their tech-savvy audiences, who want to hear product and service recommendations from the experts they trust. The unique personalization of our ads has proven to be effective for both B2B and B2C advertisers. 

At Artisanal Agency, our focus is on quality ad campaigns and establishing long-term partnerships. 


Our Advertisers

More than 10 Brokers/Agencies and 25 Direct Advertisers Work with Artisanal Agency

Advertising Testimonials


“The feedback from many advertisers over 12 years, across a range of product categories, is that if ads in podcasts are going to work for a brand, they're going to work on TWiT shows.”

- Mark McCrery, CEO Authentic, and Podtrac

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“TWiT has been a fantastic long-term partner for FreshBooks. Their tech-savvy audience is a strong fit with who we serve, and the endorsement from Leo and TWiT network’s reach has helped both build awareness of our product while driving acquisition to meet our business objectives. Further, their continuity team makes copy refreshes a breeze by staying abreast of new features on our website and updating copy points accordingly. They’re always open to feedback and work to give great value to their sponsors.”

-Robb Eng, Associate Director, Acquisition for FreshBooks